1) Introduction to the Stock Market
2) Basics of the Stock Market and Theory to build your base.
3) How to use Demat account and Paper Trading
4) Technical Analysis to analyse the Stock Market logically
5) Price action to Understand the psychology and movements in the Market
6) How to use Indicators for your Analysis and in-depth explanation.
7) Our Premium Strategies with 90% accuracy
8) Risk management for small losses/big profits and save your capital!
9) Important Things to know 
10) Futures & Options
11) Basics of Futures & Options
12) Advanced analysis for Options
13) Options Strategies
14) Option Hedging Strategies
15) Mindset and Psychology for becoming a Pro Trader and Investor
16) Fundamental analysis for Long term Investing
17) Extra knowledge and Facts
18) Careers in the Stock Market
19) Certification

What you'll learn:-

Why does the stock market exist?
How does someone make money in the stock market?
Why do people lose money in the Stock Market?
What are the risks of investing in stocks?
Why does the stock market goes up and down?
How to invest in the stock market without taking anyone help?
What is DEMAT and Trading Account and Trading terminal?
What is the difference between investing and trading?
When is the right time to enter and exit from the Stock Market?
What are the ways to Invest in the Stock Market?
Who are stockbrokers and whom to choose?
Who are the Investors of the Stock Market?
Basics of economics
Knowing Indian Economy
Porter's five forces
Know different organised sectors of the Indian economy.
Learn to map economy need with sector performance.
Learn to map company alignment with sector growth.
Essential mathematics for stock market
Basics of Microsoft Excel and Important formulae

Futures & Options
Introduction to risk management
Derivative Market overview
Understanding Future contracts
Understanding Future pricing, premium and discounts
Leverage, margin, M2M and payoffs
Risk management scenarios with Future contracts
Understanding Call options
Understanding Put Options
Understanding option pricing
Risk management solutions using options
Options writing strategies
Covered Call option strategy
Married Put
Bull Call Spread
Bear Put Spread
Protective Collar
The Long Straddle
The Long Strangle
Long call butterfly Spread
Iron Condor
Iron Butterfly
Long and short Strangle
PCR and max pain ratio
Technical analysis
Do I need to learn technical Analysis ?
Core Concept of Technical Analysis
Chart Patterns
Why not go for technical analysis as an investor?
Challenges of technical analysis for traders?
Trivia and unusual scenarios in the stock market
Investing Vs Trading Vs Gambling
Why does sometimes stock price goes down on good news and up on bad news?
What is emotional/Behavioural finance?
Taxes and other Fees impact in India for Stock Investing
Tax saving/harvesting techniques
Different job roles and skill set requirement in Stock Market
Exposure on advisory and Consulting opportunities in stock market.
How to start your own business in Stock market?
Prepare Yourself before you appear